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寒くて雨の多いフランスの北部にあるリール出身の4名バンド。Bare TeethはA Wilhelm Scream, PropagandhiやGood Riddance等の影響を受けてパンクロックとハードコアを融合を基本とする中、スラッシュメタルとポップな一面もあり幅広い音楽性を持つ。バンドメンバーは様々なパンク・ハードコア・メタルのバンド(Fast Motion, Icons Down!, Netfastcore, The Heretic Process)の経歴を持つ。from FRANCEのBare Teethから目を話すな!!

   from France 

   Bare Teeth   

Here is the bio :

Hailing from Lille in the cold and rainy north of France, Bare Teeth is a 4 piece band that doesn't care much about the labels put on its music. Of course, the band sounds like a mix of punk/rock and hardcore and claims to be influenced by bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Propagandhi or Good Riddance. However, they also mix this with some thrash/metal parts and don't deny pop melodies and other influences. Each band members have a strong experience in different punk, hardcore and metal bands (Fast Motion, Icons Down!, Netfastcore, The Heretic Process, ...).

Bare Teeth plans to release their first EP during fall 2016 and they're already hitting the road with

a 2 song demo under the belt. Stay tuned !

Thrash / PUNK

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