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Loud Rock Band 「Hanabie」, graduating from high school this year, formed at their school light music club in June 2015. Centering in Kichioji, Tokyo, they started performing live around areas such as Shinjuku and Tachikawa.The sound of Hanabie takes influences from Melocore, Loud Rock and Metalcore is aggressive and melodious, a combination of Yukina's scream vocals and Matsuri's clean vocals and guitar work. Their live performances have a speed and power that exceeds expectations and captivates their audience.Progressing to the semi-finals of the School's Out 2017 high school band competition, they were the only band out of 10 from the Japan Expo Rocks to get that far.

Hanabie played at the graduation celebration event "Great Spring Release" to a full Shibuya Cyclone live house, which was a massive success.

In 2018, working with producer Gaku Taura (From CRYSTAL LAKE,SOULJAPAN,A Ghost Of Flare), they will be releasing their first mini album.

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