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​(from Taiwan)

FUTURE AFTER A SECONDは台北市出身のメタルコア・ポストハードコアバンドです。2014年の夏に結成。



FUTURE AFTER A SECOND, a Metalcore/Post-harcore band from Taipei Taiwan, the band started in the summer of 2014 and after over two years of trying, they found their own way to blend the melody of post-hardcore with the rhythm of metalcore and 2000's nu-metal, and they're still trying any possible way to create more connection with peoples especially in live performance. FUTURE AFTER A SECOND is like a endless powerful running circle light up the torch named of FAAS. The first EP album 『To the Light』 produced at Black Frequency Studio by the guitarist of Chthonic - Jesse Liu, and released on January 2017. "Get ready, because our future is NOW."

Guitar : Nicky     Bass : Masaki    Vocals : TAKE    Drums : Shun

To the Light【Official Lyric Video

​JAPAN TOUR 2017 Tittle : Road Not Taken

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