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“Summer 2012, Mallorca. 10 megatons of melodic hardcore, videogames and sloths fell down the sky in a milkshake machine, and as a result, Limber was born.”

Limber is a Melodic Hardcore band with a highly marked sense of humor, and gathers influences from styles such as funk, punk rock, ska, rock’n’roll and many others.

The band has recently published their second studio album called “Hang On!”, after their successful debut album “Survival Instinct”. Their shows combine a powerful and energetic musical approach plenty of fun and surprises you will hardly forget.

Videogames, 90’s geek culture, fast food and the power of love are the main factors that link their band members and this impacts directly in their music.

If you really want to understand Limber’s essence, you’ll have to see them live.

Limber's Biography:






今回2nd Album『Hang On』を日本で発売すると共に来日する『Limber』から目を離すな!!


 Limber | Villancico Navidad 2018 - La Marimorena

Official Web Site



Tittle :  Hang On! (ハングオン!)


1.Black And Decker

2.No Merit Melons

3.Funky Rumble(feat.Jaume Mas)

4.The Noble Art Of Drawing A Penis

5.Bati K.O.

6.Leslie Nielsen`s Legacy

7.Me And My Boy Band(feat.Angel Javier)

8.Insert Coin

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