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Bare Teeth - First the Town, Then the World (CD)

Track listing:
1. First the Town, Then the World     03:13
2. Behind the Wall     02:41
3. Parted Ways     02:37
4. Always Rain     03:58
5. Down     03:52
6. Tomorrow Starts Today     02:48
7. These Towns Need Guns (feat. Steve Rawles)     03:13
8. Behind the Wall (acoustic)     02:59

Bare Teeth - First the Town, Then the World (CD)

  • Bare Teeth's first EP "First the town, then the world" out on : 
    Street Machine Records, Don't Trust The Hype and All Styles Editions (France), Lockjaw Records (UK), Less Talk More Records (Belgium), Morningwood Records (Netherlands), Melodic Punk Style (Poland), No Reason Records (Italy), Far Channel Records (Japan), Pro Rawk Records (USA), Realize Records (South Korea), Sirkel Pit (Switzerland), 59SRS (Russia)


    released May 19, 2017 

    Recorded by Romain Pouly and Olivier T’Servrancx 

    Mixed by Trevor Reilly and mastered by Joe Reilly 

    Artwork by Pierre Philippe: 

    Music and lyrics by Greg Legarand, except Down: music by Titouan Andritsos and lyrics by Greg Legarand. All rights reserved. 

    Thanks to: Rob at Lockjaw Records, Mika at Don’t Trust The Hype, Will and Morito at Far Channel Records, Ste at No Reason Records, Jouke at Morningwood Records, Dmitriy at 59SRS, Piotr at Melodic Punk Style, Joelle at Less Talk More Records, Chris and Kenny at Pro Rawk Records, Flo at Sirkel Pit Music, Jin-su Bae at Realize Records and Seb at All Styles Edition. 

    Special thanks to: our families, friends, girlfriends, Steve Rawles, Casey Lewis, Mike Supina, Daihei Yamanaka, Sho Hara at Deviser, Yuki at Milestone Sounds, Waki and the RNR Crew, and all 

    the people who have helped us to release this record and those we met on the road. 

    You know who you are and what it means to us.

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