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Andrea Neri - Vox   Matteo Rossi - Guitar/Back Vox   Davide Pazzaglia - Drums   Cristian Campadelli - Guitar

Their sound comes from the Californian punk rock of the 90s with influences ranging from hardcore to modern melodic pop punk. Output in 2016 their first EP "Dreams, memories and late nights" that will give a taste of what the band want to carry around and listen to people. Next winter will come out "Vices" their first full self-produced album, recorded at Studio73 by Riccardo Pasini.

彼らのサウンドは、ハードコアから現代のメロディック・ポップ・パンクまで、影響を受けた90年代のカリフォルニアのパンク・ロックから生まれたものです。 2016年に初のEP「Dreams, memories and late nights」をリリース。今回Newアルバム発売と共にJAPAN TOURが決定。


Upside Down (Official Video)

Surrounded (Official Video)

(from ITALY)

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